We Three Kings – Goldsmiths And Contemporary Jewellers

This month’s spotlight is on goldsmiths and contemporary jewellers, We Three Kings of Bridge Street, Witney. When the Lula Mai team was looking for a supplier to provide the wedding bands, theirs was a name that came up in recommendations time and again.

The rings that Nikki and Bill Maddocks make at We Three Kings are personal and designed especially for the couple, making them perfect for the Big Day. So when Nikki and Bill generously agreed to supply bespoke wedding rings for our lucky couple the team was delighted. And it’s all the more fitting since Bill and Nikki have their own connection with the emergency services, as Bill is an on-call firefighter in Witney.

Unique pieces to be passed down generations

At We Three Kings, Nikki and Bill offer a personal and friendly service – creating jewellery at the bench in their workshop. Their clients don’t need to know exactly what they want.  Bill and Nikki will have a chat and find out more about their ideas, the occasion and what they do and don’t like. Then they draw up designs free of charge and provide a costing. When the client is happy with both, Bill makes up the piece. Each one reflects something personal and goes on to be treasured, often with the intention to pass it down through the generations.

We Three Kings contemporary jewellers

Nikki and Bill design and make their jewellery at the bench

Bespoke pieces are designed to be handed down through generations

Bespoke pieces are designed to be handed down through generations

Bill says, “Nikki and I have a great job, designing and making jewellery for all types of occasions. Nikki is very creative and has lots of design ideas and I enjoy the technical challenge of making the piece up.

“We are so fortunate to have a career we love. It is such a privilege to be able to be part of the journey, from guiding people through the design stages to presenting them with the finished piece.” – Bill and Nikki Maddocks

“Our customers are usually surprised how straightforward and enjoyable the whole experience is”, says Nikki. “When they see we can work to a budget and make something that truly reflects them and their style, they often wonder why they haven’t commissioned a piece before.”

How it all began…

Nikki and Bill met whilst studying jewellery design at college. Nikki went on to a degree in three-dimensional design, majoring in silversmithing and Bill went to Epsom to study goldsmithing. They married whilst they were both still students and after graduating they decided to set up on their own, making jewellery, selling through galleries and trade fairs.

A child, and a business, is born

We Three Kings Witney

We Three Kings in Bridge Street, Witney

In 1995, Nikki and Bill had their first child, moved to Bridge Street and opened We Three Kings. At first they sold a variety of crafts and jewellery, created by more than 50 artists, as well as making their own jewellery at the bench.

Following the birth of their second child in 1997, they refurbished We Three Kings to focus on their jewellery and that made by a number of other British artists. Nikki made up collections for the shop while Bill continued the bespoke work, making the pieces that mean so much to people.

The shop and their home were badly affected in the 2007 floods and they had the mammoth task of renovating We Three Kings. At this point, Nikki and Bill decided to concentrate purely on designing and making their own bespoke jewellery and they haven’t looked back.

It means so much to be involved in the Big Day

Nikki and Bill are designing and making Ross and Emma’s wedding bands. The couple loved We Three Kings so much that they commissioned them to create a gorgeous bespoke engagement ring for Emma. Now Bill and Nikki are working on designing a wedding band that complements that ring and Ross’s band will reflect his wife-to-be’s.

“We love a wedding and we were keen to be involved – working in the emergency services is like having a second family”, says Bill. “We cannot wait to see Ross and Emma take their wedding vows and exchange their rings. They give so much of their time to helping others in the community; it is great to be able to give them something back. They are such a lovely couple and we are really excited to be a part of their wonderful day.”

We Three Kings design and create their jewellery in Bridge Street, Witney. To find out more, email billmad@ntlworld.com , visit their new website We Three Kings or call 01993 775399.


Ross and Emma’s story

This month it’s the turn of our lovely bride and groom, Ross and Emma, to take the spotlight. The Lula Mai team already know their story pretty well from the application they made for The Big Day.

We judged and chose our couple on many different criteria, including: The length of time together, ability to cope with pressure, commitment and compatibility, the story, the likelihood of remaining a married couple, future plans, approach to the application form and attitude to the possibility of winning. Emma and Ross ticked all the boxes and our decision was unanimous.

We recently spent an hour chatting to them so we could hear their tale first hand and share it with you.

Third time lucky

Emma and Ross first met 10 years ago, when they were just 19 and 22. Ross had been training at RAF Cranwell with Emma’s sister, Sarah, who invited her sisters to the graduation ball. When Ross first set eyes on Emma that evening, his first thought was “God, please let her be single”! Emma, on the other hand says, “I remember thinking he was skinny and a bit geeky”!


They spent the evening of the ball together and met up a few times in the next couple of weeks but life prevented their relationship developing further, with Emma in Oxford and Ross working in Lincolnshire. When Ross was posted to Oxfordshire, Emma was ironically moving up north to study. So for a while they lost touch.

When they next met up, they both happened to be single and dated for a few months. Yet, once again, it just wasn’t meant to be. Ross was doing month-long trips overseas with little Internet or phone contact possible and Emma had already committed to move abroad with work.

“It seemed to be a case of ‘right person, wrong time’”, says Ross. “There were more than enough chances to say ‘this doesn’t make sense’ but something just kept on bringing us back together.”


Their third chance came at Christmas in 2010. Having just returned to live in the UK, Emma suggested meeting up and told Ross she thought they’d made a mistake by not being together. Little did she know that it really was their last chance; Ross had set a personal deadline of the end of that year for them to finally work it out, or he would move on for good.

Emma moved in with him two weeks later and they haven’t looked back since!

Supporting each others’ passions in life

The early days of life as a military partner brought challenges for Emma. Ross was away for up to 10 hours a day, while she was at home in their tiny flat, working for a non-profit news website where she had little face-to-face contact with people. She decided to make a huge change, and follow her true passion of helping women and families by training as a midwife.

“That really sealed the deal for us”, she says, “I couldn’t have done it without Ross’s support”.

Emma then found work as a maternity support worker, before being accepted onto a three-year training course. Although she fits part-time work caring for elderly people in around her studies, the financial pressures of her studying full-time for three years meant that their wedding plans were a long way off.

Ross meanwhile is based at RAF Brize Norton, carrying military passengers and freight worldwide. The schedules and inevitable last minute nature of military life mean that Ross and Emma’s time together is still rare. “You get used to going to events on your own”, says Emma.

They’re looking forward to moving into married quarters next year, which will be the first time they’ve properly set up a home together.


We thought we didn’t stand a chance of winning

It was Emma who saw the competition on Facebook and thought she’d give it a go, inspired that it involved telling their story. “You’ve got to be in it to win it!” she says. Ross warned her not to get her hopes up and they truly thought they had no chance of winning.

When the call came, Emma says she’d never been so shocked in her whole life. Away visiting friends, she was a couple of hundred miles away from Ross. When they got the news, each of them jumped in the car and met in Oxford. Next came a couple of crazy hours phoning friends and family at before Lula Mai announced them as winners the following morning.

The Big Day means so much

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and we’re so grateful to Lula Mai and all the suppliers”, says Ross. “We could have had a very small wedding but it was so important to have friends and family there that we had originally decided to save for a few years first. But we’re 30 and 32 now so it’s great not having to wait”. He adds, “This simply wouldn’t have been possible without The Big Day”.

Giving something back

Both Ross and Emma both feel a huge sense of responsibility as winners of The Big Day. Emma says, “We’re representing the military and emergency services, and the day is such a team effort by all the suppliers, showing their support for everyone in the services and all that they do.”

Ross says, “I’m not daunted by public speaking, it’s part of my job, yet speaking to everyone at the Lula Mai supplier event was nerve-wracking because it was so personal. Having all these great people with us on this journey is amazing.”

The couple feel they have been incredibly lucky to receive so much that they want to give something back. Instead of asking their wedding guests for gifts, they’ll be giving people the chance to donate to two charities that reflect their careers and passions:  The Royal British Legion is the UK’s leading Service charity, providing care and support to serving members of the Armed Forces, veterans of all ages and their families; Hamlin Fistula UK supports the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in its care for women from all over Ethiopia who have suffered complications and life-changing injury in childbirth, many of whom have travelled for weeks, even months, to seek treatment.

Emma and Ross are a truly lovely couple who are clearly made for each other. We really can’t wait to see them enjoying their Big Day next April.