CitrusMoon – floral designs

Wedding flowers are undoubtedly one of the most important elements of any big day. They add style, colour and elegance. They reflect the couple’s personality and often include personal touches that make them very special. A wedding simply wouldn’t be the same without the flowers!

CitrusMoon_PinkRoss and Emma’s flowers will be provided by Rachel Williams of CitrusMoon, an independent florist, specialising in weddings and events. RacheI looks after brides who have budgets from £100 to £10,000 and designs unique bridal flowers for each occasion. She also supplies centrepieces for larger events, such as local business awards, and has many regular clients in the local community.

Rachel’s going to be busy in the run up to the Big Day as she’s generously providing Emma’s bouquet, three bridesmaids’ bouquets, a flower wand, buttonholes, top table arrangements and centrepieces.

We’re all dying to know what flowers Emma has chosen – Rachel says, “I can’t tell you exactly what but Em was keen to be eco friendly, using native and seasonal flowers where possible. From the start she has been a delight to work with – her easy going and sweet nature facilitates an easy consultation.”

Dream flowers for every bride-to-be

CitrusMoon_ribbonRachel works to a bride’s budget rather than making them work to hers. She gives every bride-to-be the same high level of service and care to help her achieve the dream flowers she has in mind. She says, “I am always happy to incorporate personal touches, such as flowers from their parents’ garden or décor that they really want included. I’m often asked to add in granddad’s tie pin or grandma’s ring.”

CitrusMoon is a second career for Rachel who previously worked in a corporate role for 24 years. She felt she had reached her ceiling within that industry, her husband’s work commitments were changing and she saw it as an opportunity to do something she wanted to do, rather than something she needed to do to pay the bills. So she undertook some training and set up CitrusMoon just a few years ago.

The best thing, Rachel says, is “seeing the look on a bride’s face when I deliver her wedding flowers – no bride feels complete until she is holding her bouquet and ready to go. Quite often the initial consultation is months prior to the event and so it’s easy for them to forget what it is they wanted.” She adds, “I never reveal to a bride the finished product until the morning of the wedding. It’s always a magical moment when you create a picture from their mind and hand it back to them ‘just so’.”

Playing a part in something unique and special

CitrusMoon_rosebudAs well as running CitrusMoon, Rachel is also the co-founder of Lula Mai Events and so it was a natural decision for her to pledge the bridal flowers. As the final countdown begins, she’s unsurprisingly looking forward to the Big Day: “From the start all I’ve really wanted to achieve is to give someone else the chance of having a wonderfully memorable and happy day, that without our help they may not otherwise have achieved, I’m so excited to see “our” couple on their special day and to know I had a part in that is so unique and very special to me.”

CitrusMoon provides bespoke, contemporary and affordable floral designs for occasions, interior design and corporate functions. To find out more, visit, email or call 07739 506617.      


Judy Mansfield – Cherish Ceremonies

With little more than two weeks to go until The Big Day, the focus is starting to turn to the ceremony itself, so it’s time to introduce celebrant Judy Mansfield of Cherish Ceremonies.

As a civil celebrant, Judy designs and delivers ceremonies for all life’s occasions – weddings, vow renewals, baby namings, funerals and memorial services – both nationally and internationally. Her Big Day pledge is to design and deliver Ross and Emma’s wedding ceremony.

Judy has been working with Emma and Ross to create the ceremony they want. She says, “They are relaxed and chilled with a good sense of fun and I wanted to reflect their personalities in the ceremony. Most importantly, I want it to be about them”.  

Everything is possible with a celebrant

Judy takes an individual approach to each ceremony. Here she explains how she works:

“Every ceremony is unique and starts with a blank piece of paper and a conversation. Ceremonies are incredibly personal – the wedding is all about the bride and groom. We start with the vows. Those massive promises that a couple make to one another should have some input from them, yet a religious wedding or a registrar ceremony use the same wording that everyone else says. But those promises may not be right for you – so with a celebrant, you have the chance to promise what is comfortable and right for you as a couple.

“Unlike a humanist celebrant, or a registrar, I will – and do – include religion in my ceremonies if it is required. A ceremony is not about my beliefs, but about the people I am writing for.

“I also include symbolic rituals that couples can choose from. These can be anything from a Loving Cup (where the couple each pour wine – red and white usually – to make a blended rosé and then drink from the same cup after their vows have been made. Or a Time Capsule, where they place Love Letters to one another to be opened at a future date, plus letters from their parents and/or their children. I included an element of a tea ceremony in a Chinese Wedding last year, which was great fun.

Jacqui and Brian Unity Candlehandfasting

“I have spoken a few words or sentences in various languages at ceremonies, to reflect the guests’ or the couple’s nationality. This is often done phonetically – I only speak French. But I have used Portuguese, Chinese, Gaelic, Welsh, German and Italian. Everything is possible with a celebrant!

“And with a celebrant, the options are wide open. You can have your wedding ceremony anywhere you choose – no need for a licensed venue!”

“I Googled ‘celebrant’ and Cherish Ceremonies was born!

When Judy and her husband came back to the UK after 10 years overseas, to look after elderly parents, she needed to find something she could do that gave her flexibility. Self-employment was the answer – but doing what? Judy’s job had involved extensive and frequent European travel, which wasn’t going to be feasible any more.

One day, she was invited to speak at a Chamber of Commerce event about doing business with France. “One of the guests said I would make a good celebrant’, says Judy, “I hadn’t even heard of one, so I came home and Googled it. Cherish Ceremonies was born – and the rest is history!”

Judy’s life motto to is to ‘Make a Difference’ and she aims to apply this to her business. She says:

“I love the power of words and it is lovely to use those skills to design great ceremonies. I have no fear of public speaking, whether to two people or 2000 and I have appeared on national and international radio and TV, so the only nerves I ever have are the ‘good’ pre-performance nerves.”

The RingYou may kiss the bride

Judy has known Rachel and Sally, of Lula Mai Events, for some time so, when Rachel asked her to be involved, she immediately said yes.

A privilege to give back

It clearly means a huge amount to Judy to be involved with the Big Day. Her husband was in the Royal Air Force, as were her father in law and her brother. Her own career was in the Ministry of Defence and she’s an active supporter of the Royal British Legion. Judy says, “Our Armed Forces and our NHS nurses do a huge amount for others, and it is a privilege to give back where I can. For this wedding particularly, I am so pleased to work with Emma and Ross to give them the lovely wedding they so deserve.”

To find out more, visit or contact Judy on 07713 278699 or



Darren Bedding Photography

Capturing the precious memories of the bride and groom’s special day is a big responsibility. Meet Darren Bedding, the photographer trusted with capturing Ross and Emma’s Big Day and all the moments which will stay with them forever.

Darren is providing a full day of wedding photography, with a second photographer (and good friend), Nick Stevens, providing additional footage of the Big Day. Darren also provided a pre-wedding shoot, so that he could get to know Emma and Ross before their wedding day. “If I’m completely honest I wanted to make the most of Ross’s career and we were able to create images ‘Top Gun, Tom Cruise’ style!” he says.

Capturing exactly what the bride and groom want

Emma_Ross_Big_Day_2All Darren’s clients complete a ‘wish list’ style form, including ‘must have’ images, group shots and names of all the bridal party. He has already had a pre-planning meeting with Emma and Ross to understand their personal wishes and desires for the photos of their day.

“It’s always a privilege to be invited to photograph a wedding and I love to capture all the emotion and unique moments of the special day” says Darren. “I understand the importance of photographing the couple and their guests to ensure they can re-live their wedding day after the event. I record the wedding in a beautiful album of stunning images that will delight the couple and their family for many years to come.”

A way of giving back to our armed forces

Having worked with the Lula Mai team previously, Darren was easily persuaded to join the team for The Big Day and it means a great deal to him to be involved.

“Although it sounds a cliché, it is a way of ‘giving back’ to our armed services in a very personal way,” he says. “Giving to charities that are close to our heart is extremely rewarding, combining this with passion and work it is great opportunity to be involved in something, for all the right reasons. I am looking forward to working with Emma, Ross and their family and friends. I’m also excited to be working with like-minded people and other fabulous wedding suppliers.”


“If I’m completely honest I wanted to make the most of Ross’s career and we were able to create images ‘Top Gun, Tom Cruise’ style!”

Following his passion

Emma_Ross_Big_Day_1Photography has always been a passion of Darren’s but his decision to make it his career came after a life-changing event. When his daughter, Hannah, was born in 2007 and his wife returned to work full time, Darren decided it was time to embark on the journey of becoming a professional photographer. As he describes his journey, “I always had the vision and am extremely proud of what Darren Bedding Photography is today. I am a thriving and busy businessman!”

As a husband and father, Darren understands how important it is to capture special family memories through photography. He enjoys working with families to produce natural-looking images that they will treasure forever.

“I feel very proud to see the delight on my client’s faces when I present them with a set of stunning portraits”

For Darren, it’s about far more than just taking photographs. He enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them and that’s what he aims to capture in every image he takes. He wants people to see the images and know that he took them. His relaxed, no-time -limits style allows for the uniqueness and individuality of each person to shine through.

He says, “I can honestly say hand on heart, that I love my work. If I were to choose the best thing about it, I think it would have to be the moment a couple sees their wedding images come together in their wedding album and they can relive and share their special day again.”

As you’d expect, all the images in this post are from Darren’s pre-wedding shoot with the gorgeous Big Day couple, Emma and Ross.

To find out more about Darren Bedding Photography, visit, email or call Darren on 01295 273108 / 07867 801693.                  

Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events

The secret to a smooth and successful wedding is all in the planning and organising and the Big Day wedding is no exception. In this post, we meet the wedding planner extraordinaire behind Ross and Emma’s big day, Christina of Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events.

Christina is donating a full wedding planning package to Emma and Ross and will launch her brand new wedding and event planning business after the Big Day in April. ThrChantilly_rose_logoough Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events, Christina will be able to help with all planning needs from supplier sourcing to full wedding planning and general events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Christina also organises wedding fairs across Oxfordshire, alongside Lula Mai Events, and is the chair of The Oxfordshire Weddings Project – a networking group for local businesses in the wedding industry.

A born organiser


Christina of Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events

Organising and planning comes naturally to Christina and she’s obviously a real people person. After moving to West Oxfordshire in January 2014, due to her husband’s job as an operations controller in the RAF, she didn’t know the local area or anyone living there. So she started researching and only came across one Facebook page dedicated to military families living in the area. Although she found it helpful, she felt more could be done so that other wives in the same situation in the future could benefit. So she started her own Facebook page called Carterton Community, began adding information about local businesses and events and invited others to join and add their small businesses.

“Within a matter of months I had managed to gain around 600 likes and knew I was on to something good. It felt amazing to help the local community and I learnt so much about this new town I was in”, says Christina. “Even the mayor invited me over to talk about the success of the page and has since set up an events website and Facebook page off the back of it. To date the page has almost 1,000 likes and I have met a great bunch of people.”

Getting involved with the Big Day

One day, Christina received a message from a lady named Rachel (of Lula Mai Events) who wanted to advertise her three businesses. “I was very impressed and intrigued that one lady could have three successful businesses all at once and started up a conversation with her, which led me to meet her for a cuppa”, she says. “Little did I know what would happen next! After telling me about her businesses she started to tell me about an idea she and Sally, her business partner, had to give away a wedding to a couple in the military or emergency services to say thank you for what they do.”

“What a great idea I thought. The dilemma they had was unfortunately they were so busy with their businesses they didn’t actually have the hours spare that it takes to plan the entire wedding so the whole idea may have to be scrapped. With that I quickly explained how I was wanting to start up a business but wasn’t sure what type of thing I wanted to do. I had spent my school and college years learning about business and always dreamt that one day I would have my very own business. I planned my own wedding in just three short months whilst I was seven months pregnant.

“Although it was stressful at the time I still very much enjoyed it and wondered at the time what I might be like as a wedding planner. Rachel then suggested that I could be their in house wedding planner and help plan the entire wedding, enabling them to go ahead with the idea. With a love for helping people it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Things then progressed very quickly and Rachel and Sally agreed they would mentor me for a year in return for all my help. I could not have asked for better mentors. Both Rachel and Sally have been absolutely amazing and I will be continuing to work alongside them after the wedding.”

What’s next for Chantilly Rose?

As the Big Day approaches, Christina has been carefully building her business in the background and making strong relationships with the local wedding industry. She plans to launch in April and has already set up various social media accounts (see below for details) and trained with the UK Alliance of wedding planners.

Christina’s website will also be launching in April – to be the first to see it, go to and leave your e-mail address.

To find out more, call Christina on 07792 812470 or email You can also follow Chantilly Rose via any of the following social media sites:

Stationery by Sally – handmade wedding stationery

What is it that creates your first impression of a wedding? Gives a sneak peak into the style and colour scheme? Reflects the bride and groom’s personalities? The first impression comes weeks, even months before the big day itself. And it comes from the invitation, or even earlier from the save the date cards. So picking a stationery provider is a hugely significant and personal choice.


Sally’s bespoke wedding stationery is lovingly put together by hand

At Stationery by Sally, Sally Hayward creates handcrafted stationery for weddings and other special occasions. Everything she makes is lovingly put together by hand. Often the only printed item on an invitation will be the insert.

Sally has already provided the save the date and invitations for our Big Day couple, Emma and Ross. She’ll also be supplying the place setting cards and table plan. 

Choosing stationery for such an important day could be a daunting experience. So Sally works closely with her clients to ensure that they have a fabulous experience and are totally happy with the finished product.

The comments from some of Sally’s happy clients speak for themselves

“They are absolutely perfect! I honestly love them so much.”

“Look at what has just arrived in the post! My absolutely gorgeous business cards to be sent out with parcels. I think they will be a beautiful finishing touch for when customers receive their purchases. I saw them as save the date cards and knew they would be perfect!”

Inspired by family and friends

Sally started her business in 2010, having made cards and stationery for friends and family for a long time.

“It was my friends and family who kept saying to me that I should do this as a paid job,” she says. “So after a lot of thinking and umming and ahhing I decided to take the plunge.” 

Sally started by going to craft fairs and it grew from there. By 2012, she was doing more and more wedding stationery – one of her obvious strengths – so this is where most of her energy is focused. 

“The best thing about making bespoke stationery is watching a bride-to-be’s face as she sees her idea take shape and become a reality.”  Sally Hayward

Working closely with the bride and groom 

To get started with Ross and Emma’s stationery, Sally sat down with them and showed some of the designs she thought would fit their personalities.

“Emma didn’t really hesitate in the design she chose,” she says. “And it happens to be one of my favourites”. 

The main theme is the same throughout the stationery but each part will have a slightly different twist – an idea that both Emma and Ross liked. Most of the conversations take place through email and messaging, saving precious time, as Sally can share photos at every stage of production. 

Giving something back

Sally is one of the partners in Lula Mai Events, so it was natural for her to be involved from the moment the team decided to give away a wedding. 

“It sounds like a cliché but it’s nice to give back every now and then. Being ex-military and marrying into it gives me a unique view of what people in the services provide and what they have to do without sometimes,” says Sally. “Life is often difficult for people but add in the constant change and flux that is part of military life and it’s very easy for me to choose to be part of The Big Day.” 

To find out more about Stationery by Sally, visit the Facebook page call 07814 092926 or email

We Three Kings – Goldsmiths And Contemporary Jewellers

This month’s spotlight is on goldsmiths and contemporary jewellers, We Three Kings of Bridge Street, Witney. When the Lula Mai team was looking for a supplier to provide the wedding bands, theirs was a name that came up in recommendations time and again.

The rings that Nikki and Bill Maddocks make at We Three Kings are personal and designed especially for the couple, making them perfect for the Big Day. So when Nikki and Bill generously agreed to supply bespoke wedding rings for our lucky couple the team was delighted. And it’s all the more fitting since Bill and Nikki have their own connection with the emergency services, as Bill is an on-call firefighter in Witney.

Unique pieces to be passed down generations

At We Three Kings, Nikki and Bill offer a personal and friendly service – creating jewellery at the bench in their workshop. Their clients don’t need to know exactly what they want.  Bill and Nikki will have a chat and find out more about their ideas, the occasion and what they do and don’t like. Then they draw up designs free of charge and provide a costing. When the client is happy with both, Bill makes up the piece. Each one reflects something personal and goes on to be treasured, often with the intention to pass it down through the generations.

We Three Kings contemporary jewellers

Nikki and Bill design and make their jewellery at the bench

Bespoke pieces are designed to be handed down through generations

Bespoke pieces are designed to be handed down through generations

Bill says, “Nikki and I have a great job, designing and making jewellery for all types of occasions. Nikki is very creative and has lots of design ideas and I enjoy the technical challenge of making the piece up.

“We are so fortunate to have a career we love. It is such a privilege to be able to be part of the journey, from guiding people through the design stages to presenting them with the finished piece.” – Bill and Nikki Maddocks

“Our customers are usually surprised how straightforward and enjoyable the whole experience is”, says Nikki. “When they see we can work to a budget and make something that truly reflects them and their style, they often wonder why they haven’t commissioned a piece before.”

How it all began…

Nikki and Bill met whilst studying jewellery design at college. Nikki went on to a degree in three-dimensional design, majoring in silversmithing and Bill went to Epsom to study goldsmithing. They married whilst they were both still students and after graduating they decided to set up on their own, making jewellery, selling through galleries and trade fairs.

A child, and a business, is born

We Three Kings Witney

We Three Kings in Bridge Street, Witney

In 1995, Nikki and Bill had their first child, moved to Bridge Street and opened We Three Kings. At first they sold a variety of crafts and jewellery, created by more than 50 artists, as well as making their own jewellery at the bench.

Following the birth of their second child in 1997, they refurbished We Three Kings to focus on their jewellery and that made by a number of other British artists. Nikki made up collections for the shop while Bill continued the bespoke work, making the pieces that mean so much to people.

The shop and their home were badly affected in the 2007 floods and they had the mammoth task of renovating We Three Kings. At this point, Nikki and Bill decided to concentrate purely on designing and making their own bespoke jewellery and they haven’t looked back.

It means so much to be involved in the Big Day

Nikki and Bill are designing and making Ross and Emma’s wedding bands. The couple loved We Three Kings so much that they commissioned them to create a gorgeous bespoke engagement ring for Emma. Now Bill and Nikki are working on designing a wedding band that complements that ring and Ross’s band will reflect his wife-to-be’s.

“We love a wedding and we were keen to be involved – working in the emergency services is like having a second family”, says Bill. “We cannot wait to see Ross and Emma take their wedding vows and exchange their rings. They give so much of their time to helping others in the community; it is great to be able to give them something back. They are such a lovely couple and we are really excited to be a part of their wonderful day.”

We Three Kings design and create their jewellery in Bridge Street, Witney. To find out more, email , visit their new website We Three Kings or call 01993 775399.

A dream wedding at Witney Lakes Resort

You may have seen from Facebook or Twitter that we have now selected our couple, Ross and Emma. We’ll be sharing their story on the blog very soon. In the meantime, here is an insight into the gorgeous venue of Witney Lakes Resort where Ross and Emma will be getting married in April.

Our chosen couple, Ross and Emma.

Our chosen couple, Ross and Emma (Photo: Darren Bedding Photography).

Witney Lakes Resort was one of the very first suppliers to come on board with The Big Day. As well as providing the location for the wedding ceremony, they are generously providing a three-course wedding breakfast, with wine, for up to 75 people, drinks on arrival and for the toasts, and an evening buffet.

An outdoor ceremony in the stunning summerhouse

Ross and Emma’s wedding ceremony will take place in the stunning waterside summerhouse (unless it’s pouring with rain – so keep your fingers crossed!). Let’s not tempt fate but last year, out of 21 weddings at Witney Lakes, only one was held inside.

If the ceremony is held indoors, it will be in a room with neutral décor, which can easily be transformed into a beautiful wedding venue, complete with a red carpet to greet the bride as she walks down the aisle.

Functions Manager, Karen Wicks, does all she can to plan for an outdoor ceremony and always checks the detailed weather forecast with RAF Brize Norton. This is very apt, since this is where bridegroom Ross is based!

We caught up with Event and Business Manager, Lauren Beck to find out more about Witney Lakes’ involvement with The Big Day.

Why did Witney Lakes become involved with The Big Day?

Lauren: “It’s a great opportunity to provide the couple with a lovely location to get married. The fact that it was a competition made it all the more interesting. How the suppliers have come together is amazing and it’s great to be part of that. It’s always a pleasure to see any couple smiling on their wedding day but this will be extra special, to see them really happy on the day.

It’s also a chance to show what we can do for weddings. We have a fantastic team involved and we’re seeing growth in our weddings business each year. Most people come from referrals/word of mouth so it’s an extra bonus to raise our profile and to meet some new suppliers in the wedding business.”

What makes a wedding at Witney Lakes Resort so special?

Lauren: “The outdoor ceremony. I don’t believe there’s anywhere else in Witney where you can get married in a setting quite like ours. And, as we’re off the beaten track, it’s so quiet and peaceful. Even people sitting out on the patio always fall silent as soon as the wedding starts.

Ross and Emma in the summerhouse at Witney Lakes

Ross and Emma in the summerhouse at Witney Lakes (Photo: Darren Bedding Photography).

“People rave about how hard our staff work to make sure that everything is perfect. We take the stress out of things for the couple too – there’s a meeting two weeks before the wedding when they hand their list over to us and then they can relax. In the nicest way, we hope not to hear from them in that time!”

Witney Lakes’ Director, Sean Parker, recently met the bride and groom for the first time. He says, “I was delighted to meet Emma and Ross. They’re such a lovely, humble couple. I could tell how much they already appreciate all the planning and care which is going into their big day. We are extremely happy that our beautiful venue is where all the magic is going to take place!”

You can keep up to date on plans as they progress on Witney Lakes’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Lula Mai team will be blogging at least every month between now and The Big Day – telling the story as it unfolds, featuring some of the suppliers and of course sharing an exclusive interview with the bride and groom. So please do follow us: Facebook and Twitter are the places for up-to-date news and the blog is where we’ll be sharing some more in-depths insights.

Thank you for following The Big Day story.