Darren Bedding Photography

Capturing the precious memories of the bride and groom’s special day is a big responsibility. Meet Darren Bedding, the photographer trusted with capturing Ross and Emma’s Big Day and all the moments which will stay with them forever.

Darren is providing a full day of wedding photography, with a second photographer (and good friend), Nick Stevens, providing additional footage of the Big Day. Darren also provided a pre-wedding shoot, so that he could get to know Emma and Ross before their wedding day. “If I’m completely honest I wanted to make the most of Ross’s career and we were able to create images ‘Top Gun, Tom Cruise’ style!” he says.

Capturing exactly what the bride and groom want

Emma_Ross_Big_Day_2All Darren’s clients complete a ‘wish list’ style form, including ‘must have’ images, group shots and names of all the bridal party. He has already had a pre-planning meeting with Emma and Ross to understand their personal wishes and desires for the photos of their day.

“It’s always a privilege to be invited to photograph a wedding and I love to capture all the emotion and unique moments of the special day” says Darren. “I understand the importance of photographing the couple and their guests to ensure they can re-live their wedding day after the event. I record the wedding in a beautiful album of stunning images that will delight the couple and their family for many years to come.”

A way of giving back to our armed forces

Having worked with the Lula Mai team previously, Darren was easily persuaded to join the team for The Big Day and it means a great deal to him to be involved.

“Although it sounds a cliché, it is a way of ‘giving back’ to our armed services in a very personal way,” he says. “Giving to charities that are close to our heart is extremely rewarding, combining this with passion and work it is great opportunity to be involved in something, for all the right reasons. I am looking forward to working with Emma, Ross and their family and friends. I’m also excited to be working with like-minded people and other fabulous wedding suppliers.”


“If I’m completely honest I wanted to make the most of Ross’s career and we were able to create images ‘Top Gun, Tom Cruise’ style!”

Following his passion

Emma_Ross_Big_Day_1Photography has always been a passion of Darren’s but his decision to make it his career came after a life-changing event. When his daughter, Hannah, was born in 2007 and his wife returned to work full time, Darren decided it was time to embark on the journey of becoming a professional photographer. As he describes his journey, “I always had the vision and am extremely proud of what Darren Bedding Photography is today. I am a thriving and busy businessman!”

As a husband and father, Darren understands how important it is to capture special family memories through photography. He enjoys working with families to produce natural-looking images that they will treasure forever.

“I feel very proud to see the delight on my client’s faces when I present them with a set of stunning portraits”

For Darren, it’s about far more than just taking photographs. He enjoys meeting new people and getting to know them and that’s what he aims to capture in every image he takes. He wants people to see the images and know that he took them. His relaxed, no-time -limits style allows for the uniqueness and individuality of each person to shine through.

He says, “I can honestly say hand on heart, that I love my work. If I were to choose the best thing about it, I think it would have to be the moment a couple sees their wedding images come together in their wedding album and they can relive and share their special day again.”

As you’d expect, all the images in this post are from Darren’s pre-wedding shoot with the gorgeous Big Day couple, Emma and Ross.

To find out more about Darren Bedding Photography, visit www.darrenbeddingphotography.co.uk, email info@darrenbeddingphotography.co.uk or call Darren on 01295 273108 / 07867 801693.                  

One thought on “Darren Bedding Photography

  1. We never tire of these images darren! they are so captivating, beautiful and capture Em & Ross so well, we are so very glad we met you and that you have been a part of this wonderful project. Xx R, C, S

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