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The secret to a smooth and successful wedding is all in the planning and organising and the Big Day wedding is no exception. In this post, we meet the wedding planner extraordinaire behind Ross and Emma’s big day, Christina of Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events.

Christina is donating a full wedding planning package to Emma and Ross and will launch her brand new wedding and event planning business after the Big Day in April. ThrChantilly_rose_logoough Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events, Christina will be able to help with all planning needs from supplier sourcing to full wedding planning and general events such as birthdays and anniversaries. Christina also organises wedding fairs across Oxfordshire, alongside Lula Mai Events, and is the chair of The Oxfordshire Weddings Project – a networking group for local businesses in the wedding industry.

A born organiser


Christina of Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events

Organising and planning comes naturally to Christina and she’s obviously a real people person. After moving to West Oxfordshire in January 2014, due to her husband’s job as an operations controller in the RAF, she didn’t know the local area or anyone living there. So she started researching and only came across one Facebook page dedicated to military families living in the area. Although she found it helpful, she felt more could be done so that other wives in the same situation in the future could benefit. So she started her own Facebook page called Carterton Community, began adding information about local businesses and events and invited others to join and add their small businesses.

“Within a matter of months I had managed to gain around 600 likes and knew I was on to something good. It felt amazing to help the local community and I learnt so much about this new town I was in”, says Christina. “Even the mayor invited me over to talk about the success of the page and has since set up an events website and Facebook page off the back of it. To date the page has almost 1,000 likes and I have met a great bunch of people.”

Getting involved with the Big Day

One day, Christina received a message from a lady named Rachel (of Lula Mai Events) who wanted to advertise her three businesses. “I was very impressed and intrigued that one lady could have three successful businesses all at once and started up a conversation with her, which led me to meet her for a cuppa”, she says. “Little did I know what would happen next! After telling me about her businesses she started to tell me about an idea she and Sally, her business partner, had to give away a wedding to a couple in the military or emergency services to say thank you for what they do.”

“What a great idea I thought. The dilemma they had was unfortunately they were so busy with their businesses they didn’t actually have the hours spare that it takes to plan the entire wedding so the whole idea may have to be scrapped. With that I quickly explained how I was wanting to start up a business but wasn’t sure what type of thing I wanted to do. I had spent my school and college years learning about business and always dreamt that one day I would have my very own business. I planned my own wedding in just three short months whilst I was seven months pregnant.

“Although it was stressful at the time I still very much enjoyed it and wondered at the time what I might be like as a wedding planner. Rachel then suggested that I could be their in house wedding planner and help plan the entire wedding, enabling them to go ahead with the idea. With a love for helping people it was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Things then progressed very quickly and Rachel and Sally agreed they would mentor me for a year in return for all my help. I could not have asked for better mentors. Both Rachel and Sally have been absolutely amazing and I will be continuing to work alongside them after the wedding.”

What’s next for Chantilly Rose?

As the Big Day approaches, Christina has been carefully building her business in the background and making strong relationships with the local wedding industry. She plans to launch in April and has already set up various social media accounts (see below for details) and trained with the UK Alliance of wedding planners.

Christina’s website will also be launching in April – to be the first to see it, go to and leave your e-mail address.

To find out more, call Christina on 07792 812470 or email You can also follow Chantilly Rose via any of the following social media sites:

One thought on “Chantilly Rose Weddings and Events

  1. Christina is such an amazing lady and I cannot wait for the Big Day, Ross and Emma are a very deserving couple. I also can’t believe it is now less than 2 months until they tie the knot! I am so excited to be one of the suppliers helping to make their day.

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