Stationery by Sally – handmade wedding stationery

What is it that creates your first impression of a wedding? Gives a sneak peak into the style and colour scheme? Reflects the bride and groom’s personalities? The first impression comes weeks, even months before the big day itself. And it comes from the invitation, or even earlier from the save the date cards. So picking a stationery provider is a hugely significant and personal choice.


Sally’s bespoke wedding stationery is lovingly put together by hand

At Stationery by Sally, Sally Hayward creates handcrafted stationery for weddings and other special occasions. Everything she makes is lovingly put together by hand. Often the only printed item on an invitation will be the insert.

Sally has already provided the save the date and invitations for our Big Day couple, Emma and Ross. She’ll also be supplying the place setting cards and table plan. 

Choosing stationery for such an important day could be a daunting experience. So Sally works closely with her clients to ensure that they have a fabulous experience and are totally happy with the finished product.

The comments from some of Sally’s happy clients speak for themselves

“They are absolutely perfect! I honestly love them so much.”

“Look at what has just arrived in the post! My absolutely gorgeous business cards to be sent out with parcels. I think they will be a beautiful finishing touch for when customers receive their purchases. I saw them as save the date cards and knew they would be perfect!”

Inspired by family and friends

Sally started her business in 2010, having made cards and stationery for friends and family for a long time.

“It was my friends and family who kept saying to me that I should do this as a paid job,” she says. “So after a lot of thinking and umming and ahhing I decided to take the plunge.” 

Sally started by going to craft fairs and it grew from there. By 2012, she was doing more and more wedding stationery – one of her obvious strengths – so this is where most of her energy is focused. 

“The best thing about making bespoke stationery is watching a bride-to-be’s face as she sees her idea take shape and become a reality.”  Sally Hayward

Working closely with the bride and groom 

To get started with Ross and Emma’s stationery, Sally sat down with them and showed some of the designs she thought would fit their personalities.

“Emma didn’t really hesitate in the design she chose,” she says. “And it happens to be one of my favourites”. 

The main theme is the same throughout the stationery but each part will have a slightly different twist – an idea that both Emma and Ross liked. Most of the conversations take place through email and messaging, saving precious time, as Sally can share photos at every stage of production. 

Giving something back

Sally is one of the partners in Lula Mai Events, so it was natural for her to be involved from the moment the team decided to give away a wedding. 

“It sounds like a cliché but it’s nice to give back every now and then. Being ex-military and marrying into it gives me a unique view of what people in the services provide and what they have to do without sometimes,” says Sally. “Life is often difficult for people but add in the constant change and flux that is part of military life and it’s very easy for me to choose to be part of The Big Day.” 

To find out more about Stationery by Sally, visit the Facebook page call 07814 092926 or email

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